Abstract Submission

6th NCTOH provides opportunity to professionals, advocates, young research scholars and students to present papers and posters and be recognized as ‘Tobacco control facilitator’

Inviting Scientific Papers and Posters for 6th NCTOH

Abstract Submission Last Date : 31st December 2023

Submission Guidelines
  • Topics
    Related to To tobacco control research policy or advocacy
  • Length
    Abstract should be limited to 250 words or less and include a clear statement of research question or policy issue addressed, methods used, results obtained and conclusions drawn
  • Format
    Abstract should be submitted in Word or PDF format, using double spaced, 12 point font with margins of at least one inch
  • Content
    Should provide an overview of Research or project and its significance and include introduction methods, results and conclusion in a clear, concise and scientific language
  • Originality
    Should present original work and has not been published or presented elsewhere
  • Keywords
    A list of keywords should be included to help in indexing and searching
  • Deadline
    Abstract should be submitted before specified deadline
  • Copyright
    Authors should ensure that they have the rights to use any material included in abstract
  • Review process
    The conference scientific committee will review the abstracts and selections will be based on quality of the abstract and the relevance to Conference theme
  • Review process
    All authors will be notified of the status of their abstracts withinfour weeks of the submission deadline.